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Sharon Seivert

Sharon Seivert is the author of SOS: Switch Off Stress and President of The Coreporation, Inc (TCI) where she brings cutting-edge, proprietary methodologies into strategic consulting, leader development, teambuilding, executive coaching, and training of trainer programs. Her clients range from corporations in diverse industries to organizations in the non-profit sector, to family businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups.

Prior to writing SOS, Sharon authored the foundational book: The Balancing Act: Mastering the 5 Elements of Success in Life, Relationships and Work (2001; eBook version 2012).   Other books by Sharon include: Working from Your Core: Personal and Corporate Wisdom in a World of Change (1998) and Knowledge Leadership: The Art and Science of the Knowledge-based Organization (2005). In addition, Sharon has designed numerous web-based assessments and application-tailored courses & guidebooks based on The Balancing Act.  To learn more go to .

Stress is a "silent killer" that contributes to 90% of illnesses.  SWITCH OFF STRESS to  regain  good health and  happiness.  This electronic-video-audio  "EvaBook" has 100s of links to videos, audios, websites. (In paperback form, it's accompanied by a website with direct links to these same excellent resources.)  

SOS is based on the holistic healing template of the center and four directions.

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SOS = Way More than Deep Breathing!

Thiago Nemecek

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Your "center" helps you know who you really are, what your innate strengths are, what values are most important to you, and why







Your personal beliefs and worldview, hopes and fears, level of optimism, creativity, and inventiveness and ability to think outside the box

A can-do attitude, consistency of behavior, a relentless never-give-up attitude, a sense of personal power, passion, dedication, and initiative

Your communication skills, empathy, ability to work with others, and the maturity and appropriate intimacy of your relationships

Structure includes careful management of all your physical resources and the development of good habits that help you stay the course

When you combine all 5 elements it’s like a chemical formula that creates a virtuous chain reaction (upward spiral) called Synergy

Meet Thiago Nemeck - designer of the SOS app and composer of its music. Thiago is lead composer of AudioHead, an audio studio focused on new uses of sound and music. such as 3D experiences, gaming -- and as debuted in the SOS app -- using soundscapes to help people in their everyday lives.  Thiago also researches new media and how it can change the future by making the world a more engaging place.

Thiago lives in São Paulo, Brazil. Hear more of his soundscapes at,,

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